Welcome at Greenfeegolf.

We are the Golf4all virtual golfclub. Everybody is welcome to join this community.
– People interested in Golf.
– Amateur Golfers
– Golf professionals

Registration is currently Free. Over time most likely subscription fee will be applicable but currently untill further notice. Registration is completely free.

PLaying golf is so much fun, especially when you discover different golf courses all over the world.
“We feel home in the club we play that day.”

We believe that there are a lot of potential golfplayers in Belgium. However, people are not starting with Golf because of the lack of time. Golf is fun, and we are convinced that you can enjoy golf even when you only play 5 to 10 times 18 holes in a year.

You can login with one of your existing logins, so you don’t have to remember a new login.
We provide a virtual club and a virtual golf community via Social Media.

For existing golfers, we offer “Play as you play” formulas.

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